Where is the best place to bet on hockey?

Hockey is one of the most popular games in the Northern Hemisphere. This sport is most developed in Russia, the USA, Canada, Scandinavian countries, Central Europe, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Alongside football, hockey gathers large crowds of fans in the sports arenas of metropolises. However, hockey is equally popular among clients of various bookmakers, who regularly place bets on one event or another.

Why hockey is well-suited for betting?

This sport is quite specific when it comes to betting. For people accustomed to betting only on football, the system may seem quite unusual and even inconvenient. Considering that the rules of the game in the aforementioned disciplines are different, the process of calculating bets also differs.

Another difficulty lies in the fact that hockey matches are held almost daily, and tournament schedules have a convoluted structure. Nevertheless, for experienced bettors, this will not be a major obstacle.

Why is hockey suitable for betting? Among the main reasons, the following can be highlighted:

  • A large number of matches available in the lineup;
  • A “tight schedule” in most popular leagues;
  • Low bookmaker margins on matches of world championships;
  • The opportunity to familiarize oneself with detailed match statistics;
  • Hockey matches are more predictable than those in football leagues.

Indeed, compared to football, predicting the outcome of a match between hockey teams is much easier. However, there are nuances here as well. For example, it is necessary to consider the fact that in top leagues like the NHL or KHL, leading teams do not need to win every match, as there are too many of them, which would lead to premature exhaustion of the players.

Another nuance is that not every season sees underdogs being eliminated, which, in turn, does not motivate them to strive for victory. It is also worth noting that in many major international tournaments, such as the Olympic Games, World Championship, or World Junior Championship, initial underdogs have almost no chance against favorites.

Top bookmakers for hockey betting

Almost every bookmaker’s website offers several options for betting on hockey, but their quantity, variety, and amount of winnings vary significantly. If we consider the hockey lineup in more detail, a noticeable difference can be observed between major bookmakers and mid-level companies. The latter are relatively suitable for betting on football, but they clearly lag behind in other sports.

There are also legal Russian bookmakers specializing in hockey tournaments. Their reliability and profitability for the player can be assessed by criteria such as:

  • A comprehensive lineup and detailed match schedule;
  • Matches from secondary championships are present in the lineup;
  • A large number of betting options in live mode;
  • Fair settlement of bets and hassle-free withdrawal of funds;
  • A loyal attitude towards players who generate the most profit;
  • Regularly conducted video broadcasts.

By conducting an analysis based on the aforementioned criteria, one can identify the most suitable bookmakers for betting on hockey matches.

Who tops the ranking?

The bookmaker https://22bet.co.ke/ actively accepts bets on hockey. In this company users can choose from a large list of events in pre-match and live modes. In addition to world championships, the list includes lower leagues in Canada and the USA, regional championships in Germany, and similar events (for players well-versed in this matter).

On average, there are 300 matches in the lineup simultaneously. Even for events from the lower junior league in Canada, 109 betting options are offered, and for a regular NHL championship match, there are 514, which is quite sufficient even for seasoned veteran bettors.

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